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Mariam Jones

Mariam's passion to advocate for victims of human trafficking and social justice began in 2011 during her senior year of high school. While participating in a faith based youth conference called, Forward, held in Atlanta, GA. Mariam was able to experience a sermon preached by a fellow human trafficking advocate and founder of the A21 campaign, Christine Caine. During the sermon, the burden and desire to help individuals victimized by human trafficking was placed on Mariam's heart. Since then, Mariam has worked towards efforts to advocate for victims of trafficking. Mariam has received a bachelors and masters in Social work from Savannah State University which has enhanced her skills and knowledge on how to assist those in need in the community and stand for social justice for individuals. During her matriculation through college, Mariam focused on raising awareness about human trafficking in her community by spreading information about human trafficking through telling friends, family, and presenting information in college presentations. 
Mariam's passion to advocate on the behalf of human trafficking victims and spread awareness about trafficking for prevention measures has caused her to create For Our Mothers. This platform will educate others about human trafficking awareness as well as assist individuals who have been victims of trafficking. 


“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

~ Martin Luther

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